Little Modhesh Traders Fair steals the limelight at Modhesh Fun City

Posted on: Tuesday July 1 , 2008  10:26:28 AM (GMT+4)

In an attempt to foster business management skills and talents among children and youngsters during the summer holidays, the Dubai Shopping Festival Office (DSFO) allocates a sizeable area in Modhesh Fun City (MFC), the region’s largest indoor edutainment zone, to showcasing, buying and selling products made by little traders.
“The initiative to establish a fair for trade-lovers and business hopefuls fits within our belief in the paramount importance of rendering all possible support for those students who sincerely want to make use of their leisure time in developing business skills,” said Ibrahim Saleh, DSFO General Coordinator.
“The DFS Office is offering all necessary logistic and financial support”, he added, noting that the Modhesh Little Traders Fair brings together 18 different stores, most of which are run by youngsters who sell high-quality and affordable goods and articles.
Among those participating in the Fair is Farah Al Fard, owner of a handicrafts project who showcases a series of products along with her two sisters, each one of whom is specialized in manufacturing a certain kind of product.

Also, three other female youngsters participate in a project nurturing hybrid rabbits and American hamsters along with their feeding accessories.
“The project started as a simple hobby or special liking for nurturing rabbits and hamsters, and then we decided to develop this amateurish hobby into a business following the encouragement we received from our families and people surrounding us,” said Sheikh Sai’eed, one of the three owners of the project.
“There was a big turnout during the first DSS days at the MFC,” she added, noting that they started the scheme at the Dubai International Financial Centre.”
She adds that she along with her partners import rabbits and hamsters from the Netherlands, with rabbits valued at between AED 150-500.
Mohamed Al Ka’bi, a local, who won the Best National Project Award at the 2008 Little Trader Competition that was organized by the Mohamed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Foundation, says he is participating in the Little Traders Market to showcase his products which include posters, notebooks, cups, and bracelets carrying images of the UAE flag.
Al Ka’bi expressed deep appreciation for the DSF Office for the support it is offering the youth and children.
The market abounds in a rich variety of businesses and products, including gifts, souvenirs, women’s accessories, wallets, beads, hats, t-shirts, calendars, medals and congratulation cards, and also edutainment products for the little ones, including audio-visuals. With a large number of students effectively participating from different companies and businesses from all over the country, the Fair is witnessing significant footfall this summer.